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A stable, productive relationship is one the great beauties of life. It requires strength and commitment to purpose that is often challenging. As a licensed psychotherapist, Michigan Psychoanalytic Services provides family therapy services that are designed to enrich and enhance all forms of personal relationships. I specialize in saving relationships, and I am ready to help you save your marriage today.

I offer couples counseling that encourages married couples to reexamine their commitment to one another. In a safe and nurturing environment, I help each of you to cultivate a new set of interrelation skills based on open communication. By discussing the important issues impacting your relationship in a progressive, constructive, and positive atmosphere, I enable couples to rediscover the beauty of the marriage.

Relationships today can be affected by a variety of social issues. As a licensed marriage counselor in Saginaw, MI, I am able to help couples overcome problems that are adversely affecting their marriage. I am a certified addiction counselor, sexual abuse counselor, and I offer workable solutions that directly address anger management, and other core emotional issues.

If you or your spouse are having difficulties stemming from these behavioral areas, I provide you with the framework that permits marriages and relationships to grow through these problem periods to become stronger, more committed, and more meaningful. My group counseling sessions offer you the opportunity to explore the fundamental essence of your enduring love for each other.

Enhance the quality of your relationship with the patient expertise and gentle guidance of a marriage counselor from Michigan Psychoanalytic Services.

Permit me to help you redefine the magic of your marriage today!

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