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Sometimes life can serve up just one too many challenges. When these troubling moments occur, seeking the counseling of a licensed therapist often represents the most direct path to improved mental health. At Michigan Psychoanalytic Services, I offer a diverse program of focused psychotherapy and counseling services designed to restore relationships and families.

Mental Health Therapist

As a therapist in Saginaw, MI, I offer you a safe haven where you can begin the process of exploring and redefining the person you are. My team of licensed psychiatrists and I have developed cohesive strategies that enable you to retake control of your feelings. In my role as your therapist, I provide you with the opportunity to recognize your personal challenges and resolve them.

My individual therapy sessions will help you improve your ability to communicate your feelings in a relaxed environment that is conducive to recovery. Under my trained and practiced guidance, I help you identify and understand those coping skills, which are not constructive, and replace them with workable solutions that empower you to deal more effectively with everyday life.

Substance Abuse Counselor

I offer addiction/substance therapy that enables you to work through those negative emotions that are inhibiting your sense of joy. In a safe and protected manner, I encourage you to examine the underlying issues that are causing unhealthy behavior. As your therapist, I offer you tangible tools that allow you to deal with the stress and anxiety of life’s obstacles in a proactive and relevant manner.

Michigan Psychoanalytic Services is here for you. Invite me to be the trusted therapist you can count on to help you rediscover the beautiful person you know you are. My office is waiting for your call!

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